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PreviSat User Support

The preferred way to get help or discuss about PreviSat is to send an e-mail to the author of the software (in French or English language). You can make appreciations on PreviSat, suggest new features, formulate a question about the use of PreviSat (if not described in the user manual) or report a bug.

Notification of New Releases

You can get notication of new releases via any of the following means :

Submitting Bugs

If you believe that you have found a bug in PreviSat, you can submit a report via e-mail (in French or English language). First at all, check if you have the last version of PreviSat, because the bug may be corrected in a newer revision. Please include a detailed description of the bug (date, concerned satellite(s), ...), how to reproduce it, and the environment you are using (if necessary give the coordinates of the location, send the TLE file, ...).

Feature Requests

If there is a feature that you would like to see in PreviSat, you can submit a request via e-mail (in French or English language). Before submitting a new feature, consult the Roadmap page if the feature will be included in a future version of the software.

Please try to be as specific as possible in the description of the requested feature, otherwise I may not understand what you mean.